Microsoft confirms fix to Remote Desktop licensing in Office 365

At the Office 365 Ignite training at the Microsoft Office in London, at program manager confirmed that customers with an Office 365 Subscription for Office can request a key for activating Office 2013 on Remote Desktop and Citrix servers.

I earlier described the issue in this post.

The program manager explicitly described that right now the actication does not work with Click-to-run right now, but work is being done to fix it.

It seems that RDS installations will have to be installed using MSI.

Update: 12-02-2014: Microsoft has posted a fine document that describes the use rights for Office 365 ProPlus purchased through volume licensing. To use an Office 365 licensed Office ProPlus, you will need to aquire the license through a reseller or on Volume Licensing – you cannot use the Office license from a e.g. M plan, E3 or E4 purchased directly from Microsoft on a Remote Desktop Server. Also be aware that you need to have access to a Office key on the Volume License site: 

If you cannot see a license for the newest Office Pro Plus here, you will need to aquire 1 extra license of that particular Office version though Open or Select. Be aware that you don’t have downgrade rights for Office Pro Plus in Office 365. You always have to use the newest version on your Remote Desktop Servers.


Read more about licensing Office Pro Plus on Terminal servers here.

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